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Offering quality-assured range of products including Dummy Bar Bolt, Mica Sheet, MS Lancing Pipe, Asbestos Cloth, etc.
About Us

The effectiveness of each organization is largely dependent on the quality of its goods or services. Our company, Balaji Mill Stores was established, more than 32 years ago, in the year 1992 with a view of providing quality-driven goods. As a leading manufacturer and wholesaler, we offer diverse hardware items including Dummy Bar Bolt, Asbestos Mill Board, Asbestos Fabric, Asbestos Textile, MS Nut, Mica Sheet, MS Lancing Pipe, Asbestos Tape, etc. All our goods are assembled and shipped from our own internal production plant, which is well-equipped to operate successfully with the new machinery. Our product demand is relentless and always fulfills the demands of the customers. To do so, our professional team works with great commitment and we aim to continue to work with this devotion in future.

Ethical Business Practices

In the present situation, the competition is hard to dominate due to the changing times. Most firms are extremely competitive on the market and in order to succeed, every organization should have new and distinct ways of conducting business. We on the other hand, operate our business according to ethical and moral principles that separate our business from the others. Following are some of the major aspects of our policies:
  • We ensure absolute clarity in all our business operations.
  • We are committed towards offering the lowest possible prices of our goods.
  • We treat each and every customer with absolute regard and honesty.
  • We follow all the government concerning laws and regulations.

Our Experience

Any business that has expertise in respective industry is much likely to succeed in the market. For fact, there is an intense competition between several businesses. However, with the support of ongoing efforts, commitment and quality-assured goods of our company, Balaji Mill Stores, we have been able to develop our reputation in the market. The highest quality hardware goods, we offer comprises Mica Sheet, Asbestos Tape, Asbestos Mill Board, MS Lancing Pipe, MS Nut, and several others. On top of that, our tenure may be long, yet our consistent & in-depth market analysis allow us to keep up to date with the new industry developments and accordingly render our product in the market.
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